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Rawn Logo Picture Rawn America Introduction:

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Rawn AMERICA™ products have symbolized high quality manufacturing for over forty years -- and for good reason. The Rawn AMERICA™ brand not only stands for quality products, but also for conscientious service to our customers. When you partner with Rawn AMERICA™, you partner with consistency, integrity, and effectiveness.

In 1998, Rawn™ joined forces with The Cortec® Corporation of St. Paul, Minnesota, the world's largest manufacturer of VpCI™ (Vapor phase Corrosion Inhibitor) chemical products. Cortec's Spray Technologies Division has launched many new technologies and continues to develop advanced spray technologies, as well as new air-powered pouch technologies. In addition to these products, the Rawn AMERICA™ brand offers complete lines of no-residue cleaners, degreaser, and lubricants.

At Cortec's Spray Technologies Division, our primary product is service. It is our goal to maintain highly focused interaction with our customers, carefully listening to our customer's needs.

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