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AMTECH Introduction:

AMTECH Inc. is a global leader in the development and manufacturing of innovative materials and products used in the electronics assembly process.

Teaming up with a global network of reps and distributors, AMTECH delivers unparalleled customer service and technical support worldwide. Whether it involves product innovation, custom formulations, or answers to challenging technical questions, AMTECH fills important voids for the electronics assembly market.

At AMTECH, we are committed to making a product better than anyone else; a product that meets and exceeds customer expectations. We accomplish this by applying innovative thinking, creative problem-solving and by adhering to a continuous improvement philosophy.


Surface mount technology is growing…smaller. Footprints and line widths are shrinking. Product design cycles are compressing. Process technologies are growing increasingly complex. Responding to this dynamic environment, AMTECH offers forward thinking solutions by continually finding new ways to make our customers SMT smart.

The name AMTECH remains synonymous with product innovation. Our scientists and engineers continue to meet ongoing challenges by developing a number of industry “firsts.” AMT/AMTECH was first to market SMT solder powder to international markets such as Asia and Europe; first to manufacture –325/+500 and –400/+500 solder powder in quantity; first to develop fatigue resistant solder powder in cooperation with Hughes Aircraft Corp.; first to offer solder pastes for ultra fine pitch applications, low residue pastes, and polymer activated solder pastes. Recent “firsts” include SynTECH™ and SynTECH-LF™, revolutionary 100% synthetic no-clean and lead-free synthetic solder past formulas; low-alpha solder pastes; bumping pastes; and a new generation lead-free alternatives.

Several AMTECH “firsts” have made headlines. Most have not, as they result from the day-to-day pursuit of solutions that address changing customer needs. Working behind the scenes, and applying knowledge in creative ways, AMTECH strives to keep its customers far ahead of the technology curve.

Please contact us for pricing on all types of AMTECH bar solder. You can also download a product catalog here. (Adobe PDF File)