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PenCo Introduction and Information

PenCo Supply is a woman-owned small business enterprise (SBE) committed to value-added MRO supply solutions that reduce the Total Cost of doing business.

With over 50 years combined experience in the MRO market sector, PenCo’s Management team offers its customers a proven mix of programs that target Vendor Consolidation, Inventory Reduction, Product Cost and Process Improvement.

Vendor Consolidation...

With over 150,000 MRO consumable items and related equipment, PenCo is a one-stop source of supply that enables you to significantly reduce the number of vendors you need to manage

Consolidating your MRO spend to fewer vendors allows for greater volume price leverage

Inventory Management...

Vendor Managed Inventory (VMI), Product Consolidation and Just-In-Time (JIT) programs help reduce on-hand inventories and ensure that you have the right product and quantity on hand when and where you need it

Custom Stocking programs are available on a selective basis

Process Improvement...

One-stop shopping means fewer Vendors and PO’s to manage and more time to devote to higher value-adding work .

Fewer PO’s mean less time and expense is spent managing Payables and other accounting activities

Product consolidation, VMI and other inventory management programs mean less time is spent sourcing and acquiring the MRO items needed to keep plant and equipment operational
Coupled with our extensive product line offering, these PenCo initiatives help reduce our customers’ overall operating cost.

To see the online catalog of PenCo products - click here.