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About HLK & Associates, Inc.

HLK & Associates, Inc. has been in the electronics business for over 25 years, helping all types of companies (big and small) get their projects or production done on time. We specialize in locating hard-to-find electronic parts. We do this by having a large network of suppliers throughout the world.

Just how can HLK help you? For instance, we can help you when your lines are down (which saves labor costs, penalties for lateness, etc.) by getting you the parts you need, when you need them. Also, with our extensive buying power, we are sometimes able to get allocated parts that other distributors can't.

Also, we can get parts that are obsolete. Most distributors can't supply obsolete parts. Why is this important to you? If you need a few obsolete parts to repair some old (but still needed) equipment, you will appreciate being able to get them and thus allowing the repair.

One last thought before we end: Why trust your requirements to somebody who hasn't been in business for a long time and may not have the needed experience?

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